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  • 12 episodes
    12 episodes
    • s1e12The World Revolves for Us! Goodbye... B Gata H Kei! / Yamada Turns Into an Angel! Farewell! B Gata H Kei!
      June 17, 2010
    • s1e11Year 2 Class H's Christmas Eve! Take Me to Bed! / Kanejo Is Watching?! a "live" Broadcast That Pushes the Limits!
      June 10, 2010
    • s1e10The Kanejo Family! Richy Brother's Sparkling Secret!
      June 3, 2010
    • s1e9Oh No! in Front of Everyone... I Never Said I Don't Like You... Autumn.
      May 27, 2010
    • s1e8Yay! It's a School Trip! No Chance to Be Alone...
      May 20, 2010
    • s1e7Major Duel in School Swimsuits! I'm Not Gonna Lose Against You!
      May 13, 2010
    • s1e6Kanejo Is Coming! I Can't Stand That Sparkle! / Behind That Rosy Smile Is... Kanejo's Dark Secret!
      May 6, 2010
    • s1e5Yamada's Level Increased! She Learned How to Deep Kiss! / Work On Your Naughty Power! I've Never Felt a Sensation Like This Before...
      April 29, 2010
    • s1e4Romantic Christmas Eve! What Does the First Kiss Taste Like? / I Can't Go Back Empty-handed! Let's Go to the Make-out Park!
      April 22, 2010
    • s1e3Suddenly So Close in the Darkroom! Kinda Dangerous Club Activities?! / Passionate School Festival! I, Yamada, Will Be the School's Queen!
      April 15, 2010
    • s1e2Oh, Yeah! Let's Go to a Pool! You Wanna See Me in a Swimsuit, Right?!
      April 9, 2010
    • s1e1Boy Meets Girl. Let Me Have Your "first Time"!
      April 1, 2010