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Young Sheldon Review: Sheldon Finds His Best Friend-The Computer

Sheldon had another love in his life before Amy Farah Fowler – Tandy 1000XL. Yes, Young Sheldon vowed his love for a computer before he vowed a love for any human that wasn’t his mother. The cost of computers hasn’t really changed in the last 30 years, unless you count the prices going up in the last 10 or so. Something Sheldon didn’t know back then (and doesn’t much take into account now) is the way technology can interrupt someone’s life in a negative way. Such was the case with Sheldon’s first computer. Meemaw offers to buy the computer for Sheldon as a loan, and Mary thinks about cutting back on some expenses to pay her mother back. George won’t allow anyone else to support his family, but his irritation with Meemaw isn’t nearly as strong as his irritation towards his wife. George is not happy when he finds out Mary has her own money set aside separately from the family accounts. This stretches into a ‘his and her money’ argument that takes Mary and the twins over to Meemaw’s house. READ MORE...

Young Sheldon Review: How Sheldon Chose Physics

Ever wonder about the first person to underestimate Young Sheldon and live to regret it? Turns out, he worked at NASA. If there’s one thing we know makes Sheldon angrier than an unplanned bowel schedule, it’s someone telling him he can’t figure something out. In 1989, Sheldon set out to solve the problem of how to land a rocket. More to the point, he set out to crush a man from NASA who thought his questions were cute. By now we know that Mary and George Sr. needed to raise Sheldon with a very particular firm hand. After all, Sheldon’s problem was that he stayed up late doing extra homework. This was also the child who had tried to order radioactive materials over the Internet, thereby sicking the FBI on his house. His obsession with trying to solve a scientific problem out of spite made him a little cookier than usual. Admittedly, a lot cookier, since upon being grounded from Radioshack, Sheldon gave himself an ulcer. After a trip to the doctor’s office and several sleepless nights, Sheldon finally sends his hypothesis off to NASA–and they don’t respond. READ MORE...

Young Sheldon Review: We Give Thanks For Football

On Young Sheldon, Thanksgiving talk isn’t about the food on the table or the family blessings. In the Cooper household, it’s all about football. It’s only fitting we see Sheldon’s first active interaction in the game with his family. Not that Sheldon would ever willingly touch a football. He is more inclined to do what he does best: math. Usually the Coopers treat Sheldon’s mathematical ingenuity as an oddity in their house, but not necessarily something that directly affects them. Once Sheldon starts using math for something the family loves, even stranger things abound in the Cooper home. Sheldon is always spouting off statistics, and most of the time they are ignored. George Sr. isn’t all that inclined to take Sheldon’s football advice, until Mary reminds him that their son has been doing their taxes for the last three years. Why not take a chance on Sheldon’s advice? Even if it wasn’t George’s JV team to win, it was worth it to see Mary Cooper yell "Boo-Ya!" in someone’s face. Sheldon continues to lead the football team to victory for more than a month later, and becomes popular. I can’t imagine the number of times Sheldon had to wash his hands. They must have been red and dry by the end of each day. READ MORE...

Young Sheldon Review: Sheldon Discovers Comic Books

One of the best things about Young Sheldon is hearing older Sheldon narrate his experiences. It’s nice to hear about the first time Sheldon was investigated by the FBI, or the first time Sheldon made a friend. This week we visited a different experience in Sheldon’s life: the first time he almost died. Knowing Sheldon, 97% of the other times were probably greatly exaggerated. This one was not. There’s usually nothing funny about a child nearly choking to death, but Young Sheldon found the humor. Simply put, 9-year old Sheldon saw his present existence right before his eyes. And he swore off of sausage too. All of Sheldon’s quirks were normal for him, and never hurt him. However, the choking experience terrified Sheldon so greatly that he became terrified of eating solid food. That’s not a quirk. That is something that affects Sheldon’s health, and therefore needs to be addressed. Meemaw’s solution is to blend Sheldon’s food, but after five weeks, that becomes tiresome. Even back then, Sheldon thought therapy was a waste of his time. Who does a 9-year old boy turn to for guidance besides his parents? The X-Men. READ MORE...

Young Sheldon Recap: Trip to the ER Foreshadows a Family Tragedy

Annie Potts introduction as Meemaw was overshadowed by a trip to the emergency room in this ThursdaysYoung Sheldon. In Poker, Faith and Eggs, theDesigning Women alum made her series regular debut as Sheldons beloved grandmother but the real story here involved George Sr., who as well established onThe Big Bang Theory isnt long for []

CBS' Young Sheldon Premiere: Grade It!

CBS on Monday chronicled two major milestones in Sheldon Coopers life: girlfriend Amys response to hismarriage proposal in the Season 11 premiere ofThe Big Bang Theory, and his first day of high school in the series premiere ofYoung Sheldon. With Jim Parsons aboard the prequel not only as an executive producer but also as its [] //

Me, Myself & I, Ghosted & The Mayor Review: One Winner In Trio Of Comedies

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Young Sheldon Review: CBS Prequel Far From Pint-Sized Big Bang Theory

If you are expecting a smaller but similar The Big Bang Theory in CBS ' new series Young Sheldon , you might want to re-calibrate your expectations. Debuting with a preview September 25 following the Season 11 premiere of Chuck Lorre and Bill Pradys Emmy-winning science geek blockbuster, the prequel series created by Lorre and Steven Molaro is way more Wonder Years meets Friday Night Lights . As I say in my video review above, that might not be the best theory in action   ...Read More... //